Patel “unapologetic” about deportations to Jamaica

Priti Patel is sticking by plans to deport up to 50 Jamaican criminals back to their home country.

“These dangerous foreign criminals have no place in our society, and I will not compromise the safety and security of the British people by letting them stay in our country,”

– Priti Patel

“The British public rightly expect foreign national offenders to be removed from our country. These people have violated our laws and values, and I am unapologetic in my determination to remove these convicted foreign rapists, murderers, and child sex offenders from our country.”

A Home office spokesperson doubled down on Patel’s comments: “The Home Office is working to ensure these routes to Europe, Africa, and elsewhere in the world including Jamaica are more regular, sending a clear message to dangerous foreign criminals – if you break our laws, you will be removed.”

The Home Secretary was responding to a typical outcry from celebrities demanding the deportations be called off. A letter signed by 82 black celebrities including model Naomi Campbell and actors Naomie Harris and Thandie Newton describes the planned deportation as “unlawful” and “wrongful” and claims the criminals “have the right to remain in the UK.”

Patel’s predecessor, Theresa May tightened automatic deportations originally put in place by Tony Blair’s 2007 Boundaries Act, which is why the celebrities’ pleas for airlines to refuse to fly the convicts back to their home country are being shamelessly based around the Windrush scandal. The letter raised the case of one convict, “the grandson of a woman who arrived on the HMT Empire Windrush and is still seeking to have his deportation order revoked”.

That example won’t convince many, and even if it did and Ms Patel was a flapping Europhile, the law is the law and she is simply doing her job in ensuring the Home Office abides by it.