Brexit talks at ‘make or break’ moment

Brexit talks between Britain and the European Union continue this evening after Boris Johnson and President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen were called upon to salvage a deal following a breakdown in the negotiations.

The pair spoke over the weekend and look set for further talks this evening following the conclusion of talks between David Frost and Michel Barnier in Brussels.

There has been much speculation on who has offered concessions and what those concessions may be in a bid to get a deal over the line but there are still three key points of contention; fishing rights, the ‘level playing field’ and future dispute resolution.

Talk was rife last night that Britain was preparing to concede on her fishing grounds and allow EU fleets to retain a significant percentage of their current allowable catch, prompting Nigel Farage to tweet:

Sources close to the Prime Minister however were quoted in the Daily Mail saying: “It’s fair to say the Prime Minister isn’t bluffing. It’s pretty clear we will leave on No Deal terms if the EU can’t accept that we will be an independent nation.”

A UK government source also assured the Telegraph: “There’s been no breakthrough on fish. Nothing new has been achieved on this today.”

With the December 31 deadline fast approaching, talks – as they so often do in Brussels – look set to be going to the wire.