Redwood: Deal on offer worse than no deal

Senior Conservative MP Sir John Redwood calls has insisted that the Brexit deal on the table is worse than a no-deal scenario and Britain should be prepared to walk away.

Writing on his blog, Redwood insisted that “No Deal is fine” and “we should only negotiate a deal if it is clearly better than No Deal”.

He said: “Brexiteers are fed up with the endless Project Fear material. We can trade well under WTO rules if the EU really does not want a Free Trade Agreement with us. We will decide what tariffs if any to impose on their goods along with goods from the rest of the world, to get the right balance between helping domestic producers and looking after out customers.”

Today’s entry follows on from comments made yesterday where Redwood set out nine immediate benefits for Britain on the day the Brexit transition period ends.

These included the removal of VAT on certain items; operating a points-based immigration system to control numbers; pursuing our own free trade deals.

Redwood also identified revitalising our fishing industry outside of the Common Fisheries Policy as a key benefit for Britain, as well as reducing “needless regulation to make the UK more responsive and business friendly”.

Lastly, he cited raising animal welfare standards by “removing export of live animals”.

As crunch talks continue today with Boris Johnson and Ursula Von Der Leyen speaking at 4pm (UK), it would be worth Boris keeping these benefits in mind…