111 more migrants land, despite £28m payout to France

Another 111 boat migrants landed in England yesterday, in a record-breaking day for the month of December.

The huge surge came despite a controversial £28m payout to France that was intended to pay for beefed up patrols on the coast of Calais.

When the agreement was signed two weeks ago, it was boasted that it would see a doubling of French police patrols on beaches and increased surveillance “with cutting-edge tech.”

But as over one hundred migrants flooded across the Channel, the French authorities are reported to have stopped a mere 35.

The scale of the threat posed by thousands of unvetted illegal migrants entering the country continues to be underplayed by our political and media elites.

The Parsons Green Tube bomber Ahmed Hassan, who is currently serving a minimum jail term of 34 years after injuring thirty people in a bombing attack, entered the country illegally on the back of a truck.

Disturbingly, he was not investigated by MI5 even after admitting he was “trained to kill” at an ISIS camp.

Despite the outrageous numbers landing yesterday, the Clandestine Channel Threat Commander tried to reassure concerned Brits. “We continue to work closely with the French following our agreement to take further action to tackle illegal migration, through increasing police patrols and surveillance.”

Given the massive failure of this cooperation yesterday, and summer reports that the French navy was ferrying migrants into our waters, many voters may conclude that close cooperation with the French is of limited value.

This summer, as the migrant crisis entered public consciousness despite major media suppression, the former prime minister of Australia Tony Abbott called on the UK to emulate the successful Australian policy on illegal boat migrants.

“To stop people from setting out for Britain in unseaworthy boats, you have to ensure that they never arrive; or that if they do arrive they are swiftly sent back.”

With illegal inflows remaining at such high levels despite the onset of seasonal weather, expect more public pressure on the government to follow the example set by Mr Abbott’s government.