Boris: No Deal Brexit “strong possibility”

“The deal on the table is really not at the moment right for the UK” is how the Prime Minister described the situation after the latest round of talks with Brussels.

The UK will continue to try and attain a deal with the European Union, but Boris has urged the public and businesses to get ready for an “Australian option” outcome.

Positions remain far apart, particularly on the EU’s level-playing field demands, and tensions have also flared over fishing rights.

Boris Johnson described the situation:

“It was put to me that this was kind of a bit like twins and the UK is one twin the EU is another and if the EU decides to have a haircut then the UK is going to have a haircut or else face punishment. Or if the EU decides to buy an expensive handbag then the UK has to buy an expensive handbag too or else face tariff. Clearly that is not the sensible way to proceed and it’s unlike any other free trade deal.”

With both the UK and the EU in firm agreement that the future of talks must be reached by Sunday, it certainly looks as if the prospect of no deal is becoming more and more likely.