Burley suspended for six months after breaking coronavirus rules

Sky News presenter Kay Burley has been suspended for a period of six months after being caught flouting coronavirus rules during lavish 60th birthday celebrations last weekend.

Sky News’ political editor Beth Rigby and North of England correspondent Inzamam Rashid will also be off air for the lesser period of three months after attending the birthday bash.

Burley has since admitted an “error of judgement” and described her upcoming absence from Sky News as time for a “period of reflection” in a statement posted on her Twitter account this afternoon:

Mail Online reported this evening on a leaked email from Burley to her Sky colleagues which read: “Dear all, I’m an idiot. I’m really very sorry. I know I have let so many of you down. There’s really nothing else I can say to excuse my actions.”

Both Burley and Rigby were heavy critics of Dominic Cummings, after the former chief advisor to Boris Johnson broke COVID regulations after visiting county Durham from London earlier this year. Burley wrote a mocking tweet about Dominic Cummings, whilst Rigby grilled him in a televised press conference where she asked:

“Why are you so different? What people see here is that there’s one rule for you… and another rule for them. Do you think that you, at the very least, owe them an apology?”

Shortly after news of the celebrations surfaced, fellow Sky News presenter Adam Boulton retweeted a message which read: “Look at the state of Sky News.

“The morons spent all summer preaching to us and now look at them!”

The tweet that was retweeted by Sky News presenter, Adam Boulton

Boulton later explained his concerns to the Guardian: “I retweet things because I think they’re of public interest, and certainly my feed has reflected a lot of people who are very concerned about the credibility of Sky News, and that I think is the important issue: the credibility of our journalism.”