Boris Johnson: No deal “very, very likely”

Boris Johnson has labelled the possibility of a no-deal exit from the European union as “very, very likely” after Emmanuel Macron has insisted he will not relinquish his share of fisheries.

The French President has been bullish over fisheries since negotiations began. A no-deal could mean French vessels could no longer fish at all off the coast of the UK.

Macron said:

 “I’m not asking to have my cake and eat it, no.  All I want is a cake that’s worth it’s weight because I won’t give up my share of it either.”

Boris has not shown any signs of backing down on fisheries. The PM has indicated he is perfectly happy to leave on no-deal terms:

“It obviously would be different from what we’d set out to achieve but I have no doubt this country can get ready and, as I say, come out on World Trade terms,”

Across the Channel there are also indications no deal is becoming the most likely outcome. Ursula Von Der Leyen has told the bloc’s leaders she is pessimistic about the possibility of a deal being struck.

With the Sunday deadline for a conclusion is fast approaching, there is much justification for both sides to believe a no-deal exit is becoming increasingly inevitable.