Barnier demands “compromise” on fisheries in order to reach deal

Michel Barnier has indicated to EU ambassadors a Brexit deal can be reached, but only if there is a compromise on fisheries.

If both sides can come out of their trenches on fish, Barnier said there could be a deal this week,” a diplomatic source told the Telegraph, adding “he was a lot less gloomy than I was expecting.”

However, a compromise on fisheries is no simple matter. Britain has shown a strong determination to no longer be bound by the Common Fisheries Policy.

A Cabinet Office Minister said in October:

“The UK government’s view is that in all circumstances, the UK must be an independent coastal state, no longer be bound by the Common Fisheries Policy,”

The EU demands for compromise have not been welcomed by Lord Howard. The Conservative peer was forthright in his views, claiming French President Emmanuel Macron was acting as if he had a “god-given right” of access British fish in British waters. Lord Howard added Frost must:

“Make the EU understand that Great Britain is not a colony of the European Union and a free and sovereign state”

With the Sunday deadline missed, talks could now last until New Year’s Eve.