Farage: Brexit in name only will be sold as “fantastic victory”

Nigel Farage has warned delays in talks between Britain and the EU means a “Brexit in name only” is now the most likely outcome.

Farage’s words come after it was confirmed the negotiations could continue until New Year’s Eve, after the Sunday deadline was missed.

Speaking on new talk series Nigel Farage Live, The Reform UK leader said the extension in talks was purely tactical, to convince the British people the UK was pushing hard in negotiations, when in fact the conclusion is foregone. Farage said:

 “This is all, in my view, an act. This is a giant charade. It’s to make us think that they are really, really fighting hard to get us a good deal.”

“I absolutely predict, that over the course of the next few days that there will be a deal, and we’ll be told ‘it’s a fantastic victory’, as we always are. When John Major came back from Maastricht it was game, set, and match.

“And yet, I think we’re going to get a Brexit that is beginning to look a little bit like Brexit in name only. I hope I’m wrong, but I think this is where it is going to go.”

Although Farage seems convinced he will be disappointed, the Government continues to insist that while it is fighting for a deal, the EU won’t be winning major concessions, No Deal is still a very strong possibility.