Douglas Murray: War on woke crucial to the UK’s economic survival

Author Douglas Murray has supported the government’s move away from identity politics in an opinion piece for the Telegraph.

Murray’s comments come after Equalities Minister Liz Truss confirmed the government would pivot from race, gender and sexuality issues, and refocus on issues of class and geographical location.

Truss described unconscious bias training and diversity statements as “tools of the left.”

Murray has supported the new government approach on the basis focusing on gender and identity is un-competitive.

“In the name of diversity you end up being race and gender obsessed. But what is also clear is that this way lies un-competitiveness. For a country to thrive of course it should seek to utilise the talents of all of the people in it.”

The conservative commentator also identified the COVID-19 pandemic as a reason it was crucial the government moved away from its current strategy on equality, adding: “Diversity obsessions, implicit bias training and all the rest of it were frivolities our society treated itself to when times weren’t that tough. 2021 is going to be very tough indeed.”