French to end freight ban

France is expected to end its freight ban in the coming hours so goods can continue to flow freely between Britain and France.

There has been major disruption at Kent’s ports this morning due to the ban, imposed due to concerns about the more infectious strain of coronavirus tormenting the UK.

French transport minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari said a “solid health protocol” will be put in place in the coming hours to “ensure that movement from the UK” can be reinstated.

Shapps also insisted that disruption around the Channel ports “won’t have an impact” on coronavirus vaccines being imported from Belgium, as they come in containers rather being transported on lorries. At this evening’s Covid briefing Prime Minister, Boris Johnson highlighted the lack of freight passing through Dover, just 20%.

Johnson revealed he’d had a phone call with Emmanuel Macron this afternoon. The French President personally assured him the ban would be lifted in the next few hours.