Outrage after Sadiq Khan uses taxpayers’ money to politicise NYE

The Mayor of London is yet again under fire after signing off on a controversial New Year’s Eve light show which glorified the Black Lives Matter movement and expressed pro-EU, ‘wokeist’ sentiment on the day Britain formally left the EU institutions.

City Hall reportedly told MailOnline the light show had a budget of £1.5million with the London mayor having ‘final sign off on the content of the display’. The stunt was also backed by the BBC who helped with the planning of the broadcast.

The light show promoted the black power fist, a symbol now adopted by the extremist, Marxist Black Lives Matter political organisation whose own website lists defunding the police and dismantling capitalism as two of its main objectives.

This was followed by a laser display lighting up a London bridge in blue and yellow, the colours of the European Union flag.

It isn’t the first time Mr Khan has politicised the New Year’s Eve fireworks. He was also slammed in 2019 or spending £2.3m of taxpayers’ cash on a pro-EU display, turning the London Eye blue and yellow and accompanying the fireworks with songs such as Stay and Don’t Leave Me Alone as he ramped up his anti-Brexit rhetoric.

Bestselling author and Associate Editor of the Spectator magazine, Douglas Murray slammed Mr Khan for his political posturing, insisting: “If black lives actually mattered to you then you wouldn’t have presided over a huge increase in black-on-black knife crime in the capital.”

And TalkRadio presenter Julia Hartley Brewer had this to say: “Is there *anything* that @SadiqKhan can’t ruin with his petty virtue signalling? BLM, climate change and EU flag colours at New Year’s Eve fireworks paid for by taxpayers when they’re legally banned from leaving their homes? Really?”

Some will be surprised at the London mayor’s decision to persist with such controversial, divisive politics as we kick off an election year. Clearly, he feels stunts such as this will work in his favour.