BBC values drifting away from ordinary Britons, says new poll

A new poll, conducted by YouGov for the Times, has revealed the extent of the BBC’s disconnect from ordinary Britons.

The poll showed that 44% thought the BBC represented their views either fairly badly or very badly. The number rises to 48% among older people and 51% in the north of England.

Respondents were also pessimistic about the direction of the BBC at present. 33% saw the BBC’s values becoming less like their own over the last year. Just 4% thought the BBC was coming to represent them better.

The findings will cause concern at Broadcasting House, especially when viewed in conjunction with the results of other YouGov surveys conducted this summer. Data collected in July painted a picture of a nation dissatisfied with the output of their national broadcaster.

Just 29% said the licence fee represented good value for money while a whopping 59% said it did not. 53% supported the BBC’s funding model changing to either commercial advertising or subscriptions. Only 21% backed the TV Licence.

Taken together with the growing popularity of the grassroots Defund the BBC movement, it looks like new Director-General Tim Davie has a lot of work on his hands.

Davie, who was heralded by conservative pundits upon appointment, has certainly made a lot of noise. In September he threatened to fire top stars who make major breaches of impartiality rules.

It followed a major speech where he warned: “If you want to be an opinionated columnist or a partisan campaigner on social media then that is a valid choice, but you should not be working at the BBC.”

But he faces an uphill battle as the public continues to recognise pervasive bias at the broadcaster. A study last month found that 75% of BBC comedy was woke and anti-conservative, confirming the suspicions of many.