Priti Patel set to beef up British deportation powers

The Home Secretary Priti Patel is scoping out plans to cut the prison sentence necessary to deport foreign criminals, along with a range of other measures intended to speed up the deportation of foreign lawbreakers.

The idea could appear as part of a sovereign borders bill and would slash the necessary jail term from a year to just six months, making it much easier to boot out foreign delinquents.

The move would undo legislation introduced by the New Labour government, which saw the barrier set at a whopping twelve months, and would form just part of a wider package of reforms.

Other plans involve doubling the number of weekly deportation flights, cracking down on human rights loopholes, and demanding that asylum seekers present their case in full to begin with – blocking activist lawyers from slowing down proceedings with tactically concealed evidence.

The news comes following revelations that the Home Secretary succeeded in deporting more than 1,100 foreign criminals in 2020, despite strong protests from celebrities and left-wing commentators. The figure includes murderers, rapists, and paedophiles.

Last month the Home Secretary struck out at her critics, calling them “ill-informed Labour politicians and do-gooding celebrities” and accusing them of “attempting to conflate the victims of Windrush with… vile criminals set for deportation”.

The clash was set against the backdrop of a planned deportation flight to Jamaica, which prompted the ire of media luvvies.

The backlash was spearheaded by a letter from 82 black celebrities, including Naomi Campbell, Naomie Harris, and Thandie Newton, but Patel refused to back down.

“The British public rightly expect foreign national offenders to be removed from our country. These people have violated our laws and values, and I am unapologetic in my determination to remove these convicted foreign rapists, murderers, and child sex offenders from our country” said Ms Patel.