Record number of migrants crossed Channel in 2020

A record number of migrants reached Britain via the English Channel last year, according to figures provided by the PA news agency.

Some 8,417 migrants were successful in illegally landing on British soil in 2020, quadruple that of 2019 when 1,951 made the trip.

Numbers reached their highest in September which saw more successful crossings than in the whole of 2019.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has vowed to tackle the issue head on now Britain has fully left the EU institutions, providing her department with greater powers to control Britain’s borders.

Writing in the Telegraph earlier this week, Ms Patel said: “We will also crack down on illegal immigration and reform the broken asylum system which only encourages people trafficking into the country through dangerous and illegal routes.”

Natalie Elphicke, Conservative MP for Dover and Deal insisted “all options must be on the table” to turn the tide on rising numbers in 2021.

She told PA: “We need the French to stop the boats leaving in the first place, return boats in the Channel back to France instead of bringing them into Britain, and return people who come into our country through these illegal routes.”

These figures which emerged today coincide with latest reports of more attempted crossings this weekend as ten illegal migrants were intercepted by UK Border Force headed for Dover.

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