‘Three victories for the English!’ claims French Eurosceptic

A French author and political commentator has declared victory for the “English” in the Brexit negotiations, outlining three areas where Britain has overcome Brussels in her battle for independence.

The outspoken Eric Zemmour didn’t mince his words in a recent appearance on French broadcaster, CNEWS.

Eric Zemmour on Brexit: “There are nuances but on the principles, it is a total victory for the English.”

“The British have obtained access to the European single market without tariffs. First victory.

“Second victory: they don’t have to apply the European law or listen to the European Court of Justice.

“And third victory: they have the right to control the movement of people.

“I would say this is a total victory for the English.

“Of course there are nuances, and they have to respect this and that, but in principle, it is a total victory for the English.”

A recent Euronews poll found that 38 percent of respondents were in favour of France leaving the EU if Brexit proves successful. Only Italian respondents were more eurosceptic at 45 per cent.

Zemmour concluded: “England just gave credit again to the Frexit theory.”

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