Labour MP admits majority of Party lawmakers ‘desperate to rejoin’ EU

A former Labour frontbencher has admitted that the majority in her party “at heart” wants to rejoin the European Union.

Rosie Duffield, the MP for Canterbury, also admitted she backs the potential scrapping of the pound in favour of the single currency.

The Labour MP is a hardline Europhile who lobbied for a so-called “People’s Vote”, which was a campaign for a second referendum, aiming to overturn the vote to leave the European Union in 2016.

Duffield rejected the notion that the Brexit question was settled. She said in an interview with HuffPost UK’s Commons People podcast: “No, I’m not giving up. All the groups that I was involved with are already calling themselves ‘Rejoiners’. They’re starting to think about that. I think, maybe it’s a little bit too soon, but we might as well start to build a movement.”

Labour Peer Lord Adonis, who sits in the House of Lords, is another Labour lawmaker who wants to rejoin the EU.

After Labour suffered its worst defeat since 1935 in a general election in December 2019, after the party backed a second referendum, Labour leader Keir Starmer ruled out making rejoining his policy.

When asked how many current Labour MPs would back rejoining the bloc, Duffield said: “The majority of the parliamentary Labour Party wanted us to Remain and were campaigning really hard on that. Towards the end, almost all of those people had signed up to People’s Vote. So, the majority of us. We don’t need converting.”

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