Migrant camp residents in Kent demand ‘freedom’

Police have attended a protest being staged today by Channel migrants being housed at an ex-military facility in Kent who are demanding their freedom.

The Napier Barracks in Folkestone became the UK’s first migrant camp in September last year, holding hundreds of migrants pending identity checks and asylum claims.

Since its inception, the facility has been subject to various reports of disturbances and violent incidents including last month when a resident “grabbed a knife and terrified staff” and another was accused of sexually harassing a charity worker.

The facility experiences semi-regular protests from those who arrived on Britain’s shores illegally, often citing poor conditions within the accommodation itself.

This is despite a recent report on the former Army barracks which states “those being held there can come and go as they wish. They are handed shopping vouchers which they can use in local shops.

“They also have access to PlayStations and a new state-of-the-art gym is being built on the site.”

One source told the Sun newspaper last month: “Many have just disappeared into the community and not been seen since.”

Nigel Farage commenting on a protest at the same facility in November last year

We’re not sure what sort of ‘freedom’ they are expecting in the middle of a national lockdown, but wasting police time and ignoring social distancing measures isn’t going to be viewed favourably by the powers that be…

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