Leave.EU claims censorship by Irish government after website crash

Campaign group Leave.EU has claimed it strongly suspects the Irish government has shut down the organisation’s web operation after its website mysteriously went down this morning.

The pro-Brexit group had faced criticism recently for migrating the address of its .EU domain name to Waterford, Republic of Ireland in order to retain the web suffix after expiration of the Brexit transition period.

One politician particularly outraged was Neale Richmond, described by Leave.EU’s co-founder Arron Banks as a “third rate politician who is in love with the EU.”

Richmond referred the relocation to Ireland’s regulator, ComReg, and launched a scathing attack on Leave.EU in Ireland’s Houses of Parliament yesterday, using his parliamentary privilege to say:

“Their association with, quite frankly, dubious characters within the organisation and outside the organisation merit serious concern.

“Their connections directly and indirectly with some of the scary events that unfolded in Washington D.C last week, should not be dismissed out of hand”.

There is no evidence as of yet to show that there has been any involvement by the Irish government in the downfall of the campaign group’s website.

Leave.EU’s head of communications, Andy Wigmore said: “The timing is impeccable that the day after Mr Richmond’s churlish rant in the Irish Parliament, our website gets taken offline. It’s all very convenient.

“We’ll be looking into what’s happened as a matter of urgency. Mr Richmond can rest assured that we’ll be up and running again in no time.”