Migrant crisis continues to rage as dozens more reach Britain

36 unvetted migrants have entered the UK today according to the Home Office, reaching the country by small boat while French authorities prevented another 27 from making the journey.

Today’s figure will add to a growing sense that British authorities have lost their grip on this situation, with stark figures released earlier this week showing over eight thousand migrants landing in Britain last year alone – out of an eye-watering fifteen thousand who attempted the journey.

Numbers are already piling up for 2021, with huge daily surges being seen this month already. More than 100 entered the country on 8 January and 150 were intercepted last weekend.

The failure of French authorities to catch more than half of the migrants attempting to cross will raise eyebrows given the huge sums they’re reaping from a cooperation agreement with the UK, on the basis of which they are meant to have upped patrols. The £28m payout does not appear to have fixed the issue.

Some wonder why migrants are so keen to make the trip given the allegedly ghoulish conditions they find in the United Kingdom.

This site recently reported on the story of a refugee camp in Wales, where migrants claiming to be from war-torn countries insist their human rights are being violated because their surroundings aren’t plush enough.

Another refugee, this time from Iraq, compared her new generously granted home in Hull to the conflict zone she fled.

“I open the window at night because I can’t breathe from the damp inside the house,” she said. “This situation is reminding me and re-traumatising me from past experiences.”

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage, who has been at the forefront of exposing the growing crisis in the English Channel, bemoaned the lack of action from the government and contrasted it to yesterday’s decision to close the UK’s travel corridors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“The travel corridors are closed today, but one remains very much open” he said to an audience of more than one and a half million followers on Twitter.