Farage blasts EU as “nasty, vindictive” nationalists covering up for their own incompetence

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage didn’t hold back in his criticism of the European Commission today after the bloc revealed its intentions to interfere with the free market and regulate Covid-19 vaccine exports to non-EU countries – a move which could hamper Britain’s ongoing procurement of the Pfizer jab.

In a video posted on his social media, Mr Farage first took aim at the Guardian and pro-EU commentators who had called for Britain to remain a part of the European Medicines Agency and allow Brussels to negotiate vaccine procurement on our behalf.

“How wrong they’ve been! Because once vaccines were approved, the British government were very, very quick to act. In contrast, the EU dithered and delayed. Why? It’s a bureaucratic process, a grinding machine that can’t do anything quickly and they’re always obsessed with the precautionary principle which makes it very difficult to get anything new out to consumers”, Farage explained.

“10% of the UK has been vaccinated, in the EU the figure is 2%. And that is leading to huge criticism of the European Commission – they’re the ones that really make the big decisions.

“In the Netherlands, you’ve got riots now taking place night after night. In Italy, the prime minister today is going to the President to tender his resignation. If there are elections in Italy, the Eurosceptics will do very well on the back of this.”

Mr Farage moved on to attack the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, after a concerning press conference yesterday in which the Eurocrat informed member states that Brussels was now to oversee all vaccine orders to be exported to outside of the European Union.

“She got up last night and made a speech, worried about the slow roll-out of the vaccines. Even more worried that a very big order that they’ve latterly placed with AstraZeneca, the target isn’t going to be met for the number of vaccines they want in time.

“No vaccines produced within the European Union can be exported outside of the European Union unless they get permission from the European Commission.

“If this unelected Commissioner decided, she could stop the [Pfizer] vaccine from coming to Britain. All of this, tells us everything we need to know about the European Union. nasty, vindictive and very nationalistic. They are quite happy to interfere in the free market, to try and cover up for their own incompetence. And they actually in many ways would like to punish the United Kingdom. You see, they are very, very scared of Brexit, very scared indeed!

“They can’t afford for Brexit Britain to do well, because if Brexit Britain does well, countries all over the EU will see their populations saying: ‘Look, in the biggest most serious crisis we’ve faced for decades, the Brits were in a position to act, to do things for themselves, and we were reliant on these people in Brussels who only look after their own interests and the political project that is called the European Union.'”

“It is a bad project, run by bad people. It is not in the interests of anyone living in those European countries and I genuinely hope and believe that Brexit is the first step, the beginning of the end of this Brussels nightmare.”

Mr Farage called on the government to “stop this pretence of saying ‘the European Union is absolutely wonderful, it just doesn’t suit us” and to call it out for what it is.

“It is crushing democracy, it is delivering terrible economic outcomes particularly for those countries in the Mediterranean and it’s about time that we actually started to link arms with other countries around Europe so that they can get back their independence, their liberty.”

The leader of the now-defunct Brexit Party concluded by proclaiming the speech from Ms Kyriakides yesterday “fully justified everything I have thought of, believed in and fought for over the last 30 years. Brexit was the right thing to do.”