Woke campaigners get classic children’s cartoons reclassified as adult content

Disney has chosen to block some of its best-loved children’s cartoons on its streaming service to avoid causing offence.

Family favourites, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Swiss Family Robinson and The Aristocats have been reclassified as adult entertainment, younger viewers can no longer find them in the under-sevens section.

The Disney+ streaming service gives children their own accounts so that parents do not have to worry that they’re tuning into inappropriate material. Now Peter Pan is blocked off alongside action films and raunchy romantic flicks.

The move by Disney marks yet another victory for woke campaigners against corporations afraid of causing the slightest offence, even if no malice was originally intended and the content is widely viewed as fine for children to watch.

Peter Pan has been a long term target due to scenes featuring Native Americans, described in the film as “Redskins”. Last year, the iconic Washington Redskins American Football team dropped its name after years of escalating pressure, even though successive polls have found 90% of Native Americans do not think the term is offensive. The team is now called the Washington Football Team.

Dumbo, made shortly before the United States entered the Second World War, includes a controversial scene involving a murder of wisecracking crows. The scene is widely viewed as a reference to Jim Crow laws, which upheld racial segregation in the South.

The crows, which are portrayed affectionately in the film, have long been debated and in more recent years have become a target of social justice campaigners. The movie has been slapped with a disclaimer warning viewers the cartoon “may contain outdated cultural depictions”.

The Aristocrats and Lady and the Tramp fall into the same category for their depiction of Asian cats. The Swiss Family Robinson comes with a warning for featuring “yellow” and “brown” faces.