Pan-European movement launches to bring down Brussels

A cross-party, international movement has been launched in a bid to raise awareness of the benefits European nations will have by leaving the European Union.

The Eurexit Movement combines Eurosceptic groups from Italy, France, Spaina and the UK who are joining forces to help bring down Brussels. Its signatory parties include members of the Brexit Party, Italexit con Paragone, Génération Frexit and SOMOS España.

In a declaration on its website, the movement explains that the once innocent trading bloc has “become a technocratic tyranny which oppresses a large part of the countries of Europe”.

The group, who describe themselves as “patriots, not nationalists” are demanding an exit from the euro, calling the single currency a “colossal failure” and insists the bloc “cannot be reformed” and countries should get “out of the EU cage… the sooner, the better”.

Luis Carlos Nogues who leads the left-wing workers’ party, SOMOS España told “We are just getting started.

“We consider Brexit as a kind of inspiration but it’s not the only inspiration. We have our own reasons to think that we have to leave the European Union as soon as possible.

“We also think that the European Union will be falling in a few decades, maybe sooner.

Frexit campaigner and leader of the French signatory, Charles-Henri Gallois, also speaking to the newspaper said: “I’m for Frexit but this is not only a Frexit project.

“We have this big platform, this big project about a referendum on Frexit just as the British had a referendum on Brexit. I think it’s in the interest of each individual country so we will continue to work with our Italian and other friends.”

Euroscepticism in the involved countries continues to grow as the European Union fails to tackle the coronavirus crisis. Eurosceptic parties now lead the polls in both Italy and France.

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally is currently leading President Macron in presidential election polling by three points and former interior minister Matteo Salvini’s Lega party is top in Italy by the same margin.