17 Channel migrants reach Britain, dozens more returned to France

A total of 17 migrants successfully crossed the Channel to reach Britain today as 78 migrants were picked up by French authorities, the Home Office confirms.

Six boats in total were reported to have attempted the Channel crossing on Thursday, two of which were successful.

The migrant group rescued by French authorities reportedly contained six children and an unconscious female. Having received urgent medical attention and regaining consciousness, the migrants were returned to Dunkirk.

No crossings were reported over the weekend for the first time this year as poor weather conditions deterred migrants from attempting to reach Britain but a drop in wind speeds saw a number of migrants brave the trip.

A record 15,000 illegal migrants attempted the Channel crossing last year, and the upward trend of attempted crossings has continued into January 2021.

This site has already reported on a number of incidents this year which saw illegal migrants make the crossing, with more than 100 arriving on the 8th, 150 trying it on the 10th, and 36 landing on the 16th.

The staggering annual numbers have caused concern among ordinary Brits, who view such a huge wave of unvetted migrants as a serious security concern – particularly given the government’s poor record on deportations.

The Parsons Green Tube bomber Ahmed Hassan arrived in Britain on the back of a lorry and was free to walk the streets despite telling officials that he’d been trained to kill by ISIS.

Failed asylum seeker Khairi Saadallah was denied asylum but dodged deportation for years despite a long record of crime. He went on to murder three people in Reading.

And recent news out of one of Britain’s many asylum camps has caused popular uproar too, with migrants at Napier Barracks in Kent causing a coronavirus outbreak with their decision to protest their accommodation, putting police officers at unnecessary risk of infection.

Many have since been relocated to hotels at the taxpayer’s expense, causing further public consternation.