Brits plan to buy more British produce in Brexit win

A new survey shows that half of Brits are planning to buy more British goods following the UK’s full departure from the European Union, according to new research.

The striking figures show 61% of those surveyed think buying British is the logical thing to do, and two thirds want to support the national economy.

30% said they’re prepared to vote with their wallet and would pay 10 percent more to get their food from British farmers.

Dean Towey, from the British food giant Princes, said:

“It’s clear from the research that consumers are more committed than ever to buying local produce and supporting British farmers this year. If anything, recent changes seem to have sparked renewed consideration of where the food they buy comes from – and the difference they can make to producers here in the UK by buying British.

Dean Towey, Princes Group

Earlier in January, this site reported that UK supermarket giant Morrisons was looking to stock even more British goods and offer consumers more of the high-quality local produce they are looking to buy.

“Two thirds of what we sell is British and I intend it to be more,” said Morrisons chief executive David Potts, before confirming that Morrisons is already “the UK’s biggest producer of food.”

The results of this new survey will likely vindicate his decision, and could see more supermarkets follow in his tracks. German giant Aldi, who has grown massively in the UK in recent years, has already vowed to put huge sums into British produce.

The research, commissioned by the Princes company Crosse & Blackwell, surveyed 2,000 Brits through the market research firm OnePoll and showed consistent support for pro-British purchasing habits.

The results showed people were particularly keen to source products like milk, eggs, and meat locally, and a whopping 77% backed firms choosing to use British ingredients in their grub.