EU will start blocking vaccine exports, reports say

A new report from Politico has revealed that EU bosses are set to impose a new mechanism to block vaccine exports that have not been expressly authorised by the failing bloc.

EU officials were allegedly mulling over two options, one of which would have simply required trade transparency while the other requires outright border stoppages. They’ve now opted for the latter, and will seek expert sign-off tomorrow.

In an act of apparent desperation as the EU vaccine scheme continues to struggle, the group could ban vaccine manufacturers from exporting doses of their drug unless the EU has received what they insist, dubiously, is their fair share.

The system will require EU member states to authorise any exports, with authorisation being refused until the EU has taken what they want from factory output.

The EU is currently embroiled in an ugly row with the UK-based pharma firm AstraZeneca over teething problems in a Belgian production facility. The delays are largely caused by the EU’s slow and ineffective deal-making, which left them some months behind the curve compared to the UK.

We reported earlier today that the plant had been stormed by inspectors, dispatched by the EU, and reports would be forthcoming. But the EU has now decided to take drastic action ahead of any publication.

It comes as AstraZeneca has offered to publish their contract with the bloc, with heavy handed Brussels bullying tactics suggesting that the details of the contract will back up the pharma firm over the bureaucratic bloc.

The Politico report suggests that Canada, which imports its vaccine from the European mainland, could be hard hit by the measures, with a European official quoted as callously saying: “It’s up to the companies themselves to ensure they can satisfy demand”, adding that the new export regime “is a question of ensuring that the money that we spent produces vaccines for our citizens.”