Head of Germany’s biggest opposition party slams EU for vaccine disaster and calls for resignation of von der Leyen

Jörg Meuthen, the co-leader of Germany’s biggest opposition party, has attacked Eurocrats for bungling the bloc’s vaccine procurement scheme and called for heads to roll in a powerful rebuke of of the failing European project.

Right-leaning German paper Junge Freiheit reported the comments from the Alternative für Deutschland head honcho as the EU continues to escalate matters in its ongoing row with Anglo-Swedish pharma firm AstraZeneca.

It was today revealed that the European Union will begin banning unauthorised vaccine exports, in a desperate plot to secure doses.

“The EU failed across the board in getting the vaccine” said Meuthen. “While other countries such as Great Britain ordered larger quantities of vaccine months earlier, the EU under Ursula von der Leyen’s leadership failed to take action in good time and then got bogged down hopelessly in contractual clauses with the pharmaceutical companies.”

He went on to blast von der Leyen’s woeful record as German defence minister and said that her leadership “has failed again at the EU level in the essential procurement of anti-coronavirus vaccines.”

He warned that the EU’s incompetence was having two devastating impacts for citizens: delayed protection from a deadly virus, and continued suffering under severe lockdown rules that hit tradespeople, the self-employed, and restaurants.

“Being responsible also means taking responsibility. And this is what Frau von der Leyen should do now. She has caused great damage, not only for Germany and its citizens, but also for the entire EU. Admitting this, taking responsibility for one’s own failure and stepping back, would be the only right thing the EU Commission President can do now.”

Meuthen’s Alternative für Deutschland group is currently the third largest party in Germany, having secured over 12% of the vote in Germany’s sprawling multi-party democracy, and it is the largest party in opposition to the CDU/SPD coalition.