“Best advert for Brexit I have seen”: Piers Morgan lashes out at Brussels

Piers Morgan has hit out at the European Commission for the way it has handled its vaccine procurement.

Taking to Twitter, the Good Morning Britain host posted: “The shambolic way the EU has conducted itself over covid vaccines, by comparison to the UK, is the best advert for Brexit that I have seen.”

“Thank God we weren’t caught up in it,” he added.

The former newspaper editor voted to Remain in the European Union in 2016, but has always publicly accepted that democracy should be respected and told those refusing to accept the result to “move on and make it work” just days after the vote.

He’s not the first Remainer to turn on the EU executive for its recent behaviour.

Brussels-based journalist Leo Cendrowicz writing in the pro-EU Guardian criticised the Commission for haggling over the vaccine unit price and highlighted its “strung-out” approval process which slowed down procurement.

“The EU’s joint approach may have secured lower prices and guarantees, but it came at the expense of speed – and at such a critical moment, it can only watch as the UK, which paid the full price, is benefiting from its early orders,” wrote Cendrowicz.

The pro-EU Finanical Times also berated the Commission for resorting to “protectionist tendencies” and said “Brussels should admit it could have done better.”

And lastly, ITV’s Robert Peston, reporting on the recent bust up between AstraZeneca and the Commission tweeted that a pro-EU source at the pharma giant said: “I understand Brexit better now.”