Black Lives Matter nominated for Nobel peace prize

The Black Lives Matter movement has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel peace prize.

The far-left political organisation was nominated by Norwegian MP Petter Eide who said of the organisation:

“I find that one of the key challenges we have seen in America, but also in Europe and Asia, is the kind of increasing conflict based on inequality.

“Black Lives Matter has become a very important worldwide movement to fight racial injustice.

“They have had a tremendous achievement in raising global awareness and consciousness about racial injustice.”

The organisation, of which its co-founders describe themselves as “trained Marxists”, saw a monumental rise in its publicity last year following the controversial circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd.

The protests which followed took place across the world, a number of which turned violent.

One of the most infamous riots by Black Lives Matter protestors was seen in Minneapolis in May of last year as multiple buildings were looted and set alight, including the city’s police station.

Similar violent riots took place in cities across the United States including New York, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Memphis and Washington D.C.

A vocal Trump supporter was stabbed in Portland, Oregon in July as he filmed protestors.

Protests also turned ugly across the Atlantic as Black Lives Matter activists attacked police and ignored social distancing measures as they marched through London. 100 arrests were made and six police officers were injured.

The winner of the Nobel peace prize is chosen in October and the award ceremony is scheduled for 10 December 2021.