French MEP slams EU and dubs Brexit as a victory for the UK

French MEP Dominique Bilde has struck out at the European Union’s inability to “digest the British decision to leave” and has labelled Brexit a victory for the UK.

Bilde, a National Rally member of the European Parliament, took to Twitter to unleash her forthright views.

Bilde said: “The EU Commission does not understand that the economy of the UK has not collapsed, that London is still there, that Big Ben is still standing.

“The EU now wants to control British social policy! The UK has decided to be free!”

Ms Bilde also sniped at the EU for its dishonesty and gamesmanship over the rights of British workers. In a YouTube video, she said: “After having looked down on British voters, now you are pretending to take an interest in the fate of their workers.”

EU border guards have been accused of breaching the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement by forcing all Britons to have their passports stamped in the Schengen free-travel zone, despite the divorce deal stating it is not necessary.

National Rally general-secretary Nicolas Bay told the Express he believes the bloc made a disastrous miscalculation by assuming the UK was not prepared to leave without a deal.

Bay was insistent his primary focus was on France rather than on the European project of the bloc’s “values.”

He said: “My concerns have never changed. Like many of my colleagues, I do not see myself as a near-universal legislator, a die-hard defender of abstract ‘values’.

“I am a French member of the European Parliament, I am primarily focused on defending the interests of France and the French.”

National Rally MEPs continue to paint the picture of a Europe in crisis. The disastrous EU vaccine roll-out has led to criticism of Brussels from across the bloc.

Spain is the latest country to have registered its displeasure over the EU’s ill-fated vaccination roll-out.

Germany’s biggest tabloid, Bild, has also levelled heavy criticism at Merkel and Ursula von der Leyen over their handling of the covid-19 pandemic, while heaping praise on Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.