“They put Brussels in the shade”: German media praises Boris, Trump and Netanyahu

Germany’s biggest-selling tabloid ran out of superlatives for a surprising trio of world leaders in a piece published on its website overnight.

Bild heaped praise on prime minister Boris Johnson, former US President Donald Trump and Israel leader Benjamin Netanyahu for their successful vaccination roll-outs whilst simultaneously taking a swipe at Brussels and Angela Merkel.

In a piece titled “What did these three do better [than] Merkel, Spahn and von der Leyen?” the paper acknowledged that the aforementioned trio of world leaders had been “silently ridiculed and ridiculed by the German government and the EU Commission… since the beginning of the corona pandemic”.

However, the Germans admitted that when it came to vaccination procurement and distribution, “they put Berlin and Brussels in the shade” hailing Boris’ Britain, Trump’s America and Israel for having the “most successful vaccination campaigns in the western world”.

Netanyahu is praised by Bild for the speed with which Israel signed its unique deal with vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, “instead of haggling over the price for months like the EU Commission did”.

Former US president, Donald Trump is commended for launching “Operation Warp Speed” in May 2020, a successful US government initiative to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

And Boris Johnson was applauded for choosing to allow Britain to take control of its own vaccination procurement “instead of waiting for the EU junk Commission”, noting Britain’s early order of 30 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine back in July and praising Boris’ government for bringing together Oxford University with AstraZeneca to develop a UK-based vaccine.

As Israel, the United States and Britain continue to soar ahead with their vaccination roll-outs, the European Union continues to struggle with an average of just 2 per cent of its population receiving their first dose of a Covid-19 jab.