Brexit Britain reaches new vaccine milestone as EU struggles continue

The UK vaccinated more than six hundred thousand people yesterday, reaching yet another stunning statistical milestone in a coronavirus vaccine roll-out that has quickly become the envy of Europe.

Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi, who this weekend opened up about the tragic loss of his own 88-year-old uncle Faiz Issa to the killer virus, celebrated the figures: “A new record! Well done team. Well done to all of the NHS family, our Armed forces & the army of volunteers. We will do this.”

The figures were largely driven by a whopping 549,943 doses delivered in England, of which over ten thousand were all-important second jabs.

The huge number of daily jabs puts the number of people in the UK to have received at least one dose of coronavirus at 8,977,329, with nearly half a million people getting both shots.

Top academic Matthew Goodwin reflected on the UK’s success earlier today, calculating that the UK has given more jabs “than Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland combined. 13 doses per 100 people vs. 8 for US & 2 for EU.”

He went on to challenge those who are talking down Britain: “Some say we should not compare. I disagree. When all we hear these days is what is wrong with UK we should celebrate our achievements. Go UK!”

The performance of the UK in the vaccine race, and the optimism from most quarters of the national debate, stands in stark contrast to the dark situation faced by the continent, where bungling Eurocrats have failed spectacularly to deliver for their people.

Things are so bad in Europe that pressure is rapidly mounting on European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to resign, with a top German politician telling her that “taking responsibility for one’s own failure and stepping back, would be the only right thing the EU Commission President can do now.”

And yesterday clashes broke out in Paris as huge anti-Macron protests faced a police crackdown – with Macron’s disastrous handling of the pandemic cited as one of the causes of the demonstration.