Clutching at straws: top Eurocrat boasts that EU vaccine scheme is better than… Africa’s

One of the EU’s top bureaucrats, Martin Selmayr, has boasted that the EU’s vaccine roll-out is better than Africa’s in a new low for the bloc’s embarrassing PR efforts.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, he bragged that “the EU, thanks to the joint work of 27 governments, the European Commission, researchers, and companies, has vaccinated 12 million people in 3 weeks.”

He failed to mention that Brexit Britain has delivered more than six times the number of jabs per capita, in a huge triumph for the independent country.

But his omission was less significant than his choice of comparison. He went on to say that “128 countries have not yet started vaccinating, e.g. Japan, South Africa” and even tried to big up the EU’s achievements by comparing them to the world’s poorest continent: “In Africa only 20,000 people have been vaccinated so far.”

Selmayr was once described as “the most powerful bureaucrat in the world in the European Parliament, and he was slammed by Nigel Farage after his fast-tracked promotion to the top of the European civil service: “I want Martin Selmayr to become the most famous person in the whole of Europe. I want every voter across all the member states to understand how this place operates.

“Selmayr is an EU project fanatic and normally these stories stay in the confines of this little bit of Brussels. This story is now out all over Europe and I think it is wonderful.”

But the Juncker loyalist was forced to resign with the nomination of Ursula von der Leyen in the summer of 2019 and he now serves as the EU’s Permanent Representative to Austria.

It’s just the latest embarrassing incident in the EU’s new campaign to distract from a coronavirus policy that is so disastrous that it even contributed to rioting in Paris yesterday.

German media outlets and French president Macron have spread dangerous disinformation about the efficacy of the AstraZeneca vaccine but others in the bloc have resisted the temptation to distract from matters and have taken direct aim at the EU, with outspoken criticism on the rise.