Paris carnage: Yellow Vests return to the streets as anti-Macron movement strengthens

Violent protests broke out in the French capital yesterday as Yellow Vest protesters once again mobilized – this time in opposition to a proposed police surveillance law that would enhance state powers.

A 6,000 strong march occurred in the French capital, motivated primarily by the proposed law but also gathering in opponents of the French president and his disastrous coronavirus policies.

One protester told Sky News: “There is frustration here in France because people think we are not doing things as well as other countries.”

The demonstration saw marchers clash with cops and eventually be met by batons and water cannons in scenes that have become all too common in France in recent years.

Things got so drastic that tear gas was deployed to disperse protesters, as French cops struggled to contain the wild gathering.

The Yellow Vests, also commonly known by the French name gilets jaunes, started as a protest movement in 2018 in opposition to rising fuel prices and living costs caused by Macron’s economic policies.

They took to the streets on a weekly basis, almost without interruption, with scenes of chaos in major French cities spreading across the internet routinely as violence broke out. Mainstream media coverage was almost uniformly absent.

Macron’s handling of the pandemic has been so bad that he has, in recent days, attempted to distract from his failures by spreading dangerous disinformation about the efficacy of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine among the elderly, drawing widespread condemnation.

Some see his vaccine flailing as a way to appeal to more French voters, since the country is notoriously sceptical of vaccines. The move may just be the latest in a long line of measures to eek away support from insurgent nationalist rival Marine Le Pen, who is now just two points away from the Presidency according to a stunning new poll.