Pressure for von der Leyen resignation increases, reports say

Calls for the resignation of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen have increased amid the ongoing row over her handling of the vaccine crisis and the Irish border issue, according to new reports in the Telegraph.

The paper says that the Commission President overruled top aides to force through the new border policy because of her hatred of Brexit, until she was forced into a humiliating climbdown by the British and Irish governments.

Sources told the paper, about her failure to notify the British and Irish governments of the Article 16 decision: “She told fucking no-one. After four years of tedious skullduggery over the backstop. Surely the commission could have thought of the optics?”

A source also told the paper that her attitude to the UK “is getting increasingly vindictive because of this Brexit thing.”

This website reported on Thursday how the head honcho of Germany’s largest opposition party had openly called for the Commission chief to step down following her bungling of Europe’s vaccine procurement scheme.

“Being responsible also means taking responsibility. And this is what Frau von der Leyen should do now. She has caused great damage, not only for Germany and its citizens, but also for the entire EU. Admitting this, taking responsibility for one’s own failure and stepping back, would be the only right thing the EU Commission President can do now” said Jörg Meuthen, the co-leader of Alternative für Deutschland.

Her appointment to the role of European Commission President in 2019 was controversial both in Germany and across the continent because of pervasive cronyism allegations surrounding her time atop the German defense ministry.

A source from her own party at the time was quoted as saying: “It’s good for the army that she’s going. Her years as minister have been really hard for the armed forces.”