American Congresswoman categorises Black Lives Matter banners as “hate America” flags

US House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has categorised Black Lives Matter banners as “hate America” flags, and is looking to ensure they cannot be hung at diplomatic and consular posts.

Greene is co-sponsoring Representative Jeff Duncan’s Old Glory Only Act, which seeks to bar any flag besides the American flag being flown at US embassies.

In a statement, the freshman lawmaker said: “The domestic terrorists represented by that flag have burned down our cities with the mission of defunding our police.”

She added: “We should not be flying a flag of a group who wants to erase history and bring mass destruction to our country through communism.”

Black Lives Matter movements on both sides of the Atlantic favour defunding the police.

In June, South Korea Ambassador Harry Harris hung a BLM banner on the side of the US Embassy in Seoul.

The embassy wrote on Twitter: “Our #BlackLivesMatter banner shows our support for the fight against racial injustice and police brutality as we strive to be a more inclusive & just society.”

Days later, the Black Lives Matter banner along with a gay pride banner was removed from the building.

In a press conference, Jeff Duncan said: “Our beautiful flag, Old Glory, is the single greatest symbol of freedom the world has ever known.”

Duncan continued, “It is an unmatched representation of liberty that is coveted around the globe, and it should be the only symbol that flies over our embassies in nations around the world.”