“The will of the people prevailed” Farage reflects on the significance of Brexit

Nigel Farage has has made a stirring reflection on the significance of Brexit in an online video.

On the 31 January 2020 the populist leader gave his last speech in the European Parliament. Farage’s microphone was cut off during the speech, a move that the Reform UK leader described in the video as “an incredibly small-minded gesture on behalf of Ms. McGuinness.”

On the significance of Brexit, Farage said: “This was the biggest, historic, change of direction this country has taken in many, many decades, arguably in centuries.

“And I’ll tell you why it happened. It happened because from the early 1990’s onwards, thousands of you, thousands and thousands of you put yourselves forward to stand as candidates, went out and delivered leaflets, knocked on doors, stood on street stalls, gave money, whether it was a tenner of a larger sum, it didn’t matter, this was a collective grassroots effort.”

Farage added: “Despite all the flaws in our system, in the end the will of the people did prevail.

“We’ve been through years since that referendum of the establishment doing their best to thwart it, something that I think will be seen in time to come as one of the most disgusting, anti-democratic efforts ever seen in our nation.”

He went on to voice criticism of the EU’s handling of Covid vaccinations. “Given what a complete horlicks the commission has made of the vaccine row, something in me wouldn’t have minded being in the next debate in Strasbourg in front of Ms Von der Leyen.”

With the EU in disarray over it’s vaccine roll-out, Farage and Brexiteers will be feeling more satisfied than ever the historic decision to leave was the correct one.