Liberal melts down over a block of butter and a flag

We’ve seen liberals get upset over some rather innocuous items, but the recent outrage by one over a block of butter might perhaps be the best one yet.

Sophia Collins, a scientist “with 16 years’ experience of online engagement” took to Twitter to complain that her Morrisons’ butter complete with the Union flag was “a UKIP advert”.

Judging from her photo, it appears she was so upset with the packaging that she purchased two.

Her disapproval of Morrisons – well known for its commitment to backing British suppliers – choosing to adopt Union flag packaging for its locally sourced butter was met with derision by fellow Twitter users.

Imagine reacting this way to a Union Jack & still thinking you’re the rational side.


We have Sophia and anyone else offended by their own national flag in our thoughts at this difficult time…