Salvini praises Britain and ridicules forecasts of Brexit “misery”

Former Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini is the latest politician from the continent to heap praise on the UK’s vaccination roll-out, berating the European Commission’s failure to emulate the performance of the British.

The Lega leader, who currently tops the Italian polls during a time of political uncertainty, ridiculed the scaremongering forecasts that Britain would suffer from Brexit, using the success of its vaccination procurement and roll-out to put the European Union to shame.

Speaking on Italian TV, Mr Salvini said: “In the United Kingdom they have only yesterday administered 600,000 vaccines.

“Weren’t they supposed to face a destiny of ruin and misery after Brexit?

“In the EU they obviously got something wrong with their contracts.”

Salvini, a known Eurosceptic could have the opportunity to offer Brussels yet another headache should an election be called in the country following the collapse of the Italian government last month.

However, reports indicate that the Italian establishment will seek to avoid a fresh election at all costs and appoint a prime minister satisfactory to Brussels, with the knowledge that Salvini’s Lega party and its allies could have the votes to construct a Eurosceptic, conservative coalition if Italians go to the polls.

“The main way is the VOTE, sovereignty belongs to the people!” Salvini tweeted recently, highlighting his concern of an establishment stitch-up.