Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize “for not starting any wars”

Donald Trump has received multiple nominations for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize having won much praise for U.S foreign policy under his presidency.

Estonian MEP Jaak Madison is the latest to nominate the former U.S president.

In a Facebook post, he wrote how Mr Trump had become “the first president of the United States in the last 30 years, whose office… has not started any war.”

The Estonian politician cited the several peace agreements made under Trump’s leadership in the Middle East which “helped ensure stability in the region and peace.”

Renowned law professor David Flint is one of four Australian legal experts who have nominated Mr Trump for the illustrious award, citing his promotion of peace in the Middle East.

“What he has done with the Trump Doctrine is that he has decided he would no longer have America in endless wars, wars which achieve nothing but the killing of thousands of young Americans”, Flint told Sky News Australia.

“The states are lining up, Arab and Middle-Eastern, to join that network of peace which will dominate the Middle-East.

“He is really producing peace in the world in a way in a which none of his predecessors did, and he fully deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Mr Trump also received nominations from Magnus Jacobsson, a member of Sweden’s Parliament for the Christian Democrats and Finland MEP, Laura Huhtasaari “in recognition of his endeavors to end the era of endless wars”.

The deadline for Nobel prize nominations was January 31. The winners are announced in October with the ceremonies taking place on December 10.