Just 4% of Leave voters say Labour is “very patriotic” according to new poll

A new survey on patriotism conducted by the research firm YouGov has revealed huge party political differences in how British voters feel about the UK.

The figures derive from a poll of nearly 4,000 British adults and reveals information about how Brits view their relationship to the country – and how they see the two major parties too.

Conservative voters are more than four times more likely to describe themselves as “very patriotic” compared to Labour and Liberal Democrat voters. 44% of Tories said they were, while only 9% of Labour voters and 10% of Lib Dems said the same.

The same holds true in the reverse too. 51% of Labour voters and 37% of Lib Dems said they were either “not very patriotic” or “not patriotic at all” compared to just 10% of Tories.

The data also told a sad story of declining love for nation across the age groups, with only 4% of 18-24 year olds saying they were “very patriotic” compared to 39% of the over-65s and 22% of the general population.

19% of 18-24 year olds declared that they were not patriotic at all and an additional 34% said they were “not very patriotic”. Just 35% of the youngest age cohort expressed fairly or very patriotic sentiments compared to 82% of pensioners.

The firm also asked respondents about their view of the major parties, asking how patriotic they thought Labour and the Tories were.

Just over a third of voters said the Labour party was either fairly or very patriotic, compared to 55% of voters who felt the Tories loved the country. 20% went so far as to say the Tories are “very patriotic” – four times the number who said the same of Labour.

Remarkably, just 7% of Labour voters thought their preferred party was very patriotic. 32% of Tories, on the other hand, said their party of choice was.

The figures will concern Keir Starmer and other Labour top brass, after it was revealed last night that they plan to figuratively drape themselves in the flag and embrace patriotic messaging in a bid to win back Red Wall voters – who ditched them in droves in 2019 under the leadership of leftist Jeremy Corbyn.

One detail of the poll in particular will not make pleasant reading. Just 4% of Leave voters thought Labour was very patriotic, suggesting Starmer has an uphill battle to win back Leave-voting Red Wall voters who handed a whopping majority to Boris Johnson in 2019.

His plan ran into other roadblocks today too, as new footage emerged showing him boast of his former opposition to the British monarchy. Reports also surfaced after PMQs accusing him of having a “meltdown” and confronting Boris Johnson after his shameful Europhile past got exposed in the House of Commons.