LIZ BILNEY: The EU once again proves its inability to deliver in a crisis

I have always said that the EU will fall apart. Now that the UK has departed, a huge foundation of the structure has been removed, and further cracks are now starting to appear.

The EU as a superstate has never worked, as there are too many competing forces. Germany and France’s economies are too strong against the like of Greece, Italy and Spain.

The European Economic Community worked as a common trade bloc but then morphed into an unwieldy political machine, losing its sense of focus and straying into areas unsuitable for its varying characteristics.

Unions, like people, should play to their strengths, understand what they are good at, and focus on that – instead of trying to expand into areas that they do not understand.

Covid-19 has helped demonstrate the virtues of being disassociated from the EU. We were able to negotiate and place orders of the vaccine prior to EU-tied countries and we were able to get the vaccine approved more quickly.

The EU with it’s 27 member states slows down decision-making to a halt. It has completely lost its ability to be agile, nimble and reactive when needed. We have proven that the UK can make quick and good decisions – and shown how we as a country are leaders in medicine, production, logistics and decision-making.

The remaining 27 member states will see how they are being left behind. They are unable to buy vaccines, and find themselves tied to a bloc weighing them down like an anchor – drowning the nations.

In the end it will most likely be the UK that will bail out the EU member states, making our leftover vaccines available at the expense of not vaccinating all of our own. Whilst we will gladly help, it’s a stark reality that the cogs of the EU machine are full of rust and have effectively stopped working.

Meanwhile we are out in the world making trade deals. Our economy will start to boom and it will again make remaining member states question why they are not able to do the same. “What exactly is the advantage of being in the EU?” they will ask. We will show them that the Nirvana solution is based on trade agreements without political union, where you can sign up to clubs that work and are suitable your country.

The EU machine needs to be abolished. Who wants to be ruled by unelected officials who cannot make tough and quick decisions in a crisis?

I have always said that we belong in the clubs that matter – the G7, the G8, Nato. These institutions work because they have a defined purpose. That, plus world-class trade agreements, is what we need.

LIZ BILNEY is one of the UK’s top businesswomen and CEO of the Leave.EU campaign. She tweets at @lizbilney.