Napier Barracks asylum seeker assaulted cop, police say

An asylum seeker at Napier Barracks was hauled back into the camp after he jumped a fence and went on to assault an officer after being caught outside yet again, according to reports heard by BBC newshound Simon Jones.

The migrant in question has now been arrested and taken into custody in the latest in a string of troubling criminal incidents plaguing the refugee camp.

In December a wild migrant grabbed a knife and terrorised staff. In November, a suspected rapist from Sudan was moved into the camp, where another migrant had already been accused of sexually harassing a charity worker.

And nine men have now been arrested following the breakout of a fire at the camp, which is now being investigated as arson by local police.

The fire broke out at the end of a long saga that saw the asylum seekers protesting – in the middle of a pandemic – for their “freedom” despite reports that the camp includes plush amenities including Playstations and, soon, a state-of-the art gym.

The protesting inevitably led to a serious coronavirus outbreak, with 100 migrants being shuffled to nearby hotels in an act that some saw as a reward for bad behaviour.

One prescient social media user warned that “those left will riot and be removed to yet another hotel”, dubbing the situation a cat and mouse game. Another asked: “Why aren’t they being deported? This will just encourage more to come.”

Indeed, when it became clear that not all the asylum seekers would received a taxpayer funded jolly to a local hotel, chaos broke out.

According to the Home Office, those who remained at the camp “became aggressive, turned violent and began to set about destroying the barracks” after they objected that had not received the hotel treatment also.

Home Secretary Priti Patel dubbed the scenes “deeply offensive to the taxpayers of this country who are providing this accommodation while asylum claims are being processed.”