Starmer had “meltdown” and confronted PM in Commons lobby, say reports

New reports from The Sun citing several eyewitnesses say the Labour leader Keir Starmer “had a bit of a meltdown” after being confronted by his own track record of Europhilia, and went on to harangue the Prime Minister in the Commons lobby after Prime Minister’s Questions today.

The row started in the weekly back and forth between the PM and the leader of the Opposition, during which Boris said: “If we had listened to [Sir Keir] we would still be at the starting blocks because he wanted to stay in the European Medicines Agency and said so four times from that despatch box.”

Starmer immediately rejected the claims, but records from 2017 reveal that he did in fact ask: “Why would we want to be outside the European Medicines Agency, which ensures that all medicines in the EU market are safe and effective?” in the House of Commons.

Brexiteer heavyweight Mark Francois went on to highlight the remarks on the Commons record.

“He was clearly very rattled and kept saying to the PM ‘it’s not true, it’s not true'” according to one eye-witness, while another said “Keir fronted up to the PM after PMQs in the entrance to the Chamber – no mask, not socially distanced either, to say that the PM was wrong about the EMA.”

The details of the fiery encounter are not entirely clear, with disputes arising over whether or not the Labour leader got so enraged that he had to be dragged away by his party’s whip Christian Mathieson.

Starmer is already under pressure today after new footage revealed he once supported the abolition of the British monarchy – an embarrassing position given last night’s leaks that Labour plans to reach out to Red Wall voters by clothing itself in the garb of flag and patriotism, despite objections from leftist MPs.