13 Channel migrants reach Britain, 10 more returned to France

A total of 23 migrants were clocked attempting to reach Britain via the English Channel on Friday, it has emerged.

13 migrants successfully landed on UK soil. The French authorities interceped another boat carrying 10 people and returning those on board to France.

It is the first known crossing attempt since last Thursday when six boats in total were reported to have attempted the journey with 17 migrants making the trip and 78 being returned to Dunkirk.

This site has already reported on a number of incidents this year which saw illegal migrants make the crossing, with more than 100 arriving on January 8, 150 trying it on January 10, and 36 landing on January 16.

BBC reporter for the South East of England, Simon Jones confirmed the news in a Tweet.

The arrival destination of the boat is not yet known and the Home Office is yet to comment on the news.

The crossing has come on the same day that Home Secretary Priti Patel told backbench Conservative MPs of her intention to publish policy plans on new immigration laws with the fortnight.

The Sovereign Borders Bill will follow the plans with a formal announcement later in the year and is expected to tackle the current lenient sentences for people smugglers and the ease with which failed asylum seekers can use human rights laws to delay their deportations.