Labour HQ calls for MPs to get celebrities pushing the party line ahead of local elections

Labour HQ has urged its MPs to ask celebrities for assistance in promoting Keir Starmer’s message ahead of May’s local elections.

The Times reports that Labour staff issued a memo to its parliamentary party yesterday, reiterating the importance of endorsements from celebrities and influencers in convincing the public of the party’s key messaging.

According to the newspaper, Labour officials said: “If politicians have a good relationship with celebrities, influencers, potential endorsers with large social media following and potential endorsers with a good story to tell (eg frontline workers) we would really appreciate your help in cultivating and maintaining these relationships so that we can make an ask through you for our key campaigns.”

It isn’t the first time Labour has sought to utilise celebrities to promote its messaging and the party is open about its Business Relations and Endorsement Unit at Labour Party HQ, staff of which are expected to “develop all endorsement activities, with specific focus on real people and celebrity endorsements.”

Ahead of the 2019 General Election, singer Dua Lipa posted to her 60+ million Instagram followers: “PLEASE GET OUT, VOTE and in the nicest way possible… please don’t vote for the fucking Tories #VoteLabour.”

Vivienne Westwood used the same platform to publish a drawing of Boris Johnson as the devil, with the designer writing in the caption: “You have to vote Corbyn! One is a devil, one wants to make the world a better place.”

And of course, the rapper Stormzy who felt it would be particularly edgy to rap “fuck the government and fuck Boris” at Glastonbury, enjoyed a particularly close relationship with former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Needless to say, Boris Johnson won by a landslide.

At least the party was trying something new this week as a leaked internal strategy presentation called for the Party to make “use of the flag, veterans [and] dressing smartly at the war memorial” as part of an attempt to win back disillusioned voters who abandoned Labour in their droves in 2019.

It’s probably going to take a lot more than that…