Attorney General backs PM’s hard line on Irish sea border

The Attorney General Suella Braverman has backed Boris Johnson’s stern warning to Eurocrats over the Irish sea border, in new comments to the Sunday Telegraph.

She spoke about Boris’s track record of standing up to the EU in Brexit talks and expressed her confidence that he’ll prevail again in ongoing disputes about the Northern Ireland Protocol and the struggle over an emerging trade barrier in the Irish sea.

“It is about getting an equivalent interpretation of the rules, and we can’t have one party taking disproportionately excessive interpretation or application of rules, and one party being forced to accept that.”

Braverman’s support highlights the confidence of hardline Eurosceptics in the Prime Minister. Braverman served as head of the influential European Research Group during the height of the post-referendum Brexit Wars and is well known for her committed Eurosceptic views.

Her backing comes at the end of a week where Boris responded strongly to Brussels grandstanding by warning the EU that they must drop trade restrictions or face the consequences.

He said that the government will use “all instruments at its disposal” to seek a solution to ongoing friction between parts of the United Kingdom.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Johnson spelled out explicitly what “all instruments” could entail: “We will do everything we need to do, whether legislatively or indeed by triggering Article 16 of the protocol, to ensure that there is no barrier down the Irish Sea.”

The pressure on Johnson to resolve lingering issues by invoking Article 16 himself has intensified significantly since the EU revealed its own willingness to deploy the Article last week, in an ongoing bid to cover its own failures on vaccine procurement by banning jab exports.

Northern Ireland’s largest unionist force, the Democratic Unionist Party, have since outlined a new strategy to protect Northern Ireland’s place in the Union – including the launch of a new petition that could force a parliamentary debate, and which now sits on more than 100,000 signatures.

Celebrating the signature milestone, Northern Irish First Minister Arlene Foster said: “People power and politics in action together. Thanks to all who signed from across our U.K. People do care. Please keep promoting and signing – it will magnify our voice in the Parliamentary debate.”