Canterbury Cathedral WON’T tear down statues, in victory for common sense

A review into monuments at Canterbury Cathedral has concluded that statues on the site should not be torn down, despite ridiculous suggestions from the woke Archbishop Justin Welby that some statues “will have to come down”.

A University of Kent academic had suggested that three statues at the Cathedral had links to slavery.

“Given the Church’s institutional and political dominance throughout most of British history, it should come as no surprise that the Anglican faith – like almost all others – was deeply implicated in Europe’s imperial expansionism and its colonial brutalities” said Dr Ben Marsh.

Those accused included the towering English theologian Richard Hooker, whose influential sixteenth century work Of the Lawes of Ecclesiastical Politie has been described as “probably the first great work of philosophy and theology to be written in English”.

Marsh called for the “re-curation” of monuments rather than their defacement, and Canterbury Cathedral has now concluded that the appropriate course of action is to institute new plaques to provide historical context – instead of removing them.

The decision has been celebrated, but not without caveats. The popular Save Our Statues campaign said, in response to the news: “Whilst this represents a positive shift in the Church’s position, we must not accept that we are only allowed to keep our heritage if we plaster it with plaques.”

Welby’s call for some statues to come down last summer came in the wake of worldwide riots that broke out after the death of violent American felon George Floyd, and the subsequent trashing of a Bristol monument to noted Bristol philanthropist Edward Colston.

Colston is well known in the city for his generous charitable giving, which funded numerous schools and almshouses in the region, but his legacy has been thrown into question in recent years because of his brief seventeenth-century participation in the transatlantic slave trade.

Following the trashing, 69 monuments have either been removed or are in the firing line as woke councils cave in to the BLM mob.