Macron “fully supports” disastrous EU vaccine scheme

Beleaguered French president Emmanuel Macron buried his head in the sand yesterday and declared that he “fully supports” the EU’s failed vaccine procurement scheme.

“What would people say if countries like France and Germany were competing with each other on vaccines? It would be a mess, and counter-productive” said the French leader.

The EU has currently delivered just three and a half jabs per 100 people compared to a whopping 17 doled out by British authorities, according to data from February 4, and Macron seems unable to comprehend the benefit of the UK’s speedy approach – which compared to an agile speedboat by bumbling European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen.

Macron’s comments occurred on the same day that a top Eurocrat was forced to grovel to Russia in the hopes of securing unapproved Sputnik V jabs.

His remarks came as part of a Friday meeting between the French and German premiers as part of the joint defense and security council, established in 2017.

Angela Merkel herself drew mockery earlier this week when she said that “nothing has gone wrong” with the bloc’s failing plan, and Macron has drawn the ire of scientific commentators for spreading dangerous disinformation about the efficacy of the AstraZeneca jab in a sad bid to distract from EU failings.

At the Friday summit, Merkel added that “producing vaccines is not something that can be done from one day to the next. These are complicated processes.”

The pair appeared unwilling to deal with the fact that vaccine production on the European mainland is months behind where it is in Brexit Britain because of EU incompetence, which caused a needless months-long delay in the start of AstraZeneca production on the continent.

In addition to their comments on vaccines, the two clarified their aim to spearhead the creation of a new combat jet, dubbed the Future Air Combat System.

Some see the new air capacity as a key plank in Macron’s plot to undermine the role of Nato and establish greater military power for the undemocratic European Union, although Ms Merkel insisted that EU capacity and Nato “are not opposed to one another”.