“Massive uncertainty” about migrant numbers as data sources fall apart

A troubling new report from the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory has warned that the UK does not have reliable data on the number of foreigners who came to Britain last year because of disruptions to monitoring methods caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The report suggests that “when the pandemic hit, ONS switched to a socially distanced method of recruiting people into statistical surveys, and this appears to have disproportionately affected migrants’ participation.”

It calls the new ONS survey method one of many factors that “creates significant uncertainty” around the number of migrants coming to Britain in the last year.

The Observatory’s director Madeline Sumption warned that “this has left us flying blind just as the UK is introducing a new immigration system, and will make it more difficult to understand the impacts of new policies.”

Summing up the findings bluntly on social media, the Observatory said: “We don’t know who’s arriving or leaving, who’s here, or where they are.”

Speaking to Breitbart London, Migration Watch chairman Alp Mehmet said: “Fact is, the government have little idea of what is going on. Despite this, and as we have pointed out, the doors have been thrown open with a weak points-based system and an open-ended offer to 5.4 million Hong Kongers to come and settle.”

Revelations that the UK government has lost its grip on monitoring inward migration will cause concerns that are only exacerbated by Britain’s ongoing struggle to stem the tide of illegal immigration over recent months. 13 more reached Britain yesterday.

The Home Secretary Priti Patel has promised harsh new measures to control illegal entries, but the constant flow of new migrants across the Channel continues to disturb British voters.

The antics of the illegals, once they reach Britain and claim asylum, has only made matters worse. Migrants at Napier Barracks in Kent have been accused of sexual harrassment, knife frenzies, arson, and assaulting a cop in recent months as outrageous migrant protests at the camp led to a coronavirus outbreak.